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Voipmen is a complete hosted dialer system for contact centres of all sizes. It replaces your conventional telephone system and - unlike traditional systems - our auto-dialer doesn't rely on equipment and software in your office. We have a highly resilient hosted platform with no single point of failure. This makes Voipmen very flexible and versatile. You can make and receive as many calls as you like - but only pay for what you use, with no upfront investment.

We're specialists in hosted contact centre dialer solutions and we have put years of development into our cloud-based call answering and auto-outbound dialer services. It's simple to use and manage our software - all functions are accessed via our straightforward web interface, allowing you to run call reports, listen to calls in real-time and set up your IVR system in minutes. Of course, we also provide expert support and assistance to help you get started and use Voipmen - just contact us with your queries. You can try our Voipmen services completely free.